Architecture & way-of-working setup

Looking at nowadays SAP Business Intelligence portfolio not one can get lost. Do we need BW, or do we need just HANA, will we gain from going HANA at all? Will Business Objects add more value than the cost? How will it fit your business in the long run? What should be the way of working? What is our perfect team composition? How to ensure effective maintenance? All these questions have answers and we will tailor them so it suits you best in the long run.


HANA Implementations

We can help with pre- and post-migration activities as far as BW is concerned. We have done custom and HANA Live implementations on ERP and CRM directly as well as sidecar approach and HANA Cloud Platform scenarios. Standalone HANA implementation with SQL Scripted views – we have done that, too.


BW performance tuning

We do possess in-depth knowledge how back- and front-end of BW works the most effective way and on a variety of DBMS. Running a review of a mature BW system, identifying the pain points and critical performance gain possibilities is something we can accomplish in just days. Naturally, this would include ABAP routines review in the transformations, extractor enhancements audit, general modelling health-check, etc. Your internal BW team will just need to execute on action points. Or we can do it for you, too.


BO Design Studio custom components

Yes, we do produce custom plug-and-play components as per your wish. Want to see examples in action? Contact us
Since we know DesignStudio and all the platforms it can be based on (BW, HANA, Business Objects Platform) insight out, we can also review scripting and suggest performance improvements in any of the above.


Business Object tool choice

For every use there is a perfect tool. We know them very well, both in HANA, BW and standalone use cases. And we can tell you what suits your needs best. Having a wider picture than just functionality, we tap into overall fit into back-end, portal, authorizations, etc. setup.